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Hey, it's Chelsy, with a Y! I am a wife to my sweet prince, and mother to one spunky little princess and one handsome little ham of a prince. Painting is my drug of choice. Wine is good too. I'm known to speak without thinking and eat to much chocolate. I love meeting new people, and learning new things. So this is my journey through some not so glorious moments, some not so intelligent thoughts and some possibly crafty ideas.

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Friday, November 6, 2009

{You're in for a treat!}

So, I am seriously losing it over here! I mean K-RAZY! Yes, I just used a "K" to spell crazy because it is that bad. Let me back track a little bit and scream at the top of my lungs explain why...We are on a "No Spending Challenge" for a whole, yes a WHOLE month!! Have you people ever heard of such a thing?! It's ludicrous! Basically what it means is that we can't spend money on anything that is not a necessity. So, no going to garage sales, or Goodwill, and ESPECIALLY not Hobby Lobby (gasp! :0) or JoAnn's. We can't even go out to eat! (Yikes! That means I have to cook! You ladies have any good recipes you can send me?!) I guess I also need to tell you why we are doing this challenge- The hubs just started a new job. (Yay!) It was not something he planned on doing really; he just got an opportunity he couldn't pass up. And, as I said before it was pretty spur of the moment, which meant no planning or saving...which means things are pretty tight around here...see where I’m going with this?

EDITOR'S NOTE: I am super excited about the Hubs new job, it really is going to be a great opportunity. I have been wanting to do this challenge for a while now. And in all seriousness I really am excited about it and I think when it is all over with we will be very humbled and proud of ourselves:) I know there are people out there who are doing this challenge for longer than a month and am truly inspired by them, and I plan on doing this challenge about four times a year, (but maybe not for a month:) one challenge for every season!

I bet you all are sitting there (if your still reading this, and I haven't lost you with my rantings) wondering what my definition of a "treat" is! Don't worry I’m getting there- like right now!

The Oh-So-Fabulous Chris at Just-A-Girl is having a little party on Monday, the 9th, if you haven't ever read her blog… Do. It. Now! No, wait...not right now, finish mine first silly:) She is too funny, and very crafty. I hate love her, and secretly wish I could be her am always inspired by her. Anyway- she's having her annual "I can make that" party, this is the second year she has done it and I am so excited. I didn't participate last year because I was living under a rock and had no idea what a blog was but I can't wait to do it this year. The party is for anyone and everyone who would like to share any tips/tutorials/ideas for in-expensive gifts this holiday season. Right up my alley!

And it get's better! I am going to take it one step further...I am not only posting a tutorial on Monday for her party, but I am going to post one everyday next week! Yay for you!! That means 6 (Sunday is a day of rest, remember?!) great, cheap, and fun things for you to run out and buy supplies for,(cuz I can't, remember?) however, a lot of these "supplies" are items you probably already have on hand, so you might be able to get crafting right away :)

In case you are wondering "why?" I am doing this, then I will tell you... it's because, my lovely little bloggies, since I can't spend money I needed something a little more challenging to "occupy" my daughters nap time and my normal crafts weren't cutting it! I realize how shallow that last sentence may sound, and please don't think I am worrying myself over the fact that I’m not spending money. I am actually pretty frugal and resourceful. But have you ever heard the phrase "you don't know how bad ya want it 'til ya ain't got it"? (or something like that;) Yeah, that's me in a nutshell right now. Soooo... I searched the depths of my brain (and closet) for ideas and even resorted to stealing borrowing some more talented people’s ideas. (Which I will link to so you can enjoy them also!)

Now, one more little surprise and then I promise I will be finished. To celebrate my weekly challenge, to challenge my existing challenge (huh?) I am having a ***GIVE AWAY*** on Saturday, Nov. 14! All you have to do is leave me a comment each day for each tutorial! Easy, right? That's six chances to win, if you enter everyday. Your prize will be Monday's post for the party, and No, I will not tell you what it is, you have to be surprised. Ok, ok, ok...don't pout, I will give you a hint- It's......some sort of JEWELRY!!! Mmmhhmmm...That’s what I thought; your excited now, aren't you?! And just a little bonus because I love you all soooo much, if you tell your friends about my blog and they leave a comment also, you will get another entry for the give away!

I hope you all have a great weekend, and don't forget to come back Monday :) Also, don't forget to go check out the Just-A-Girl blog, its complete awesomeness.
P.S. Thanks for sticking with this post! I realize it was really long and I'm still adding to it, but it really is such a free-ing thing to be able to write/vent/teach about the things that are inspiring to me :) And since every post needs a pic...

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