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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Yarn Snowman

My husband has a rule about not decorating for Christmas until after Thanksgiving. Does anybody else have to live with this non-sense? Don't get me wrong, I love, love, loooove Thanksgiving, but I also love Christmas and I think one month of all those lovely decorations and ornaments is just not enough. But never fear, I found a loop hole, just because I can't decorate until after Thanksgiving doesn't mean I can't make decorations :) I know, sneaky sneaky! So without further ado, allow me to introduce Jack Lionbrand:

Jack enjoys playing in the snow, taking long walks by the evergreens, and relaxing far away from the warm fire. He loves carrots and smiling.. His favorite accessories are his signature top hat and scarf.

Isn't he just the cutest?
Don't you want to make one too? I will tell you what I did, but first let me warn you that I am the worlds WORST tutorial writer/photographer, if you have no problem with that then keep reading.

3 White Styrofoam Balls (different sizes or all the same)
White yarn (1 skien is plenty, I had about half of one and ran out during my last ball.)
Block of wood
3/8in Ribbon (1 yard each of green, white, red)
Half of a popcicle stick or anything for the lollipop stick
Buttons for eyes, and body or whatever you want to use
Sticks or pipe cleaners or whatever for arms
Fabric or felt
Embellishments (I used modeling clay for the nose and candy pieces.)

Now, if you can't tell by the list of supplies, this is pretty flexible and super easy to do. I just used what I had around the house which means that little cutie didn't cost me a dime! For the next one I make though, I'm going to use super fluffy white yarn ;)

Step 1:
Paint your wood however you like.

Step 2:
Cover your balls haphazardly with yarn, until you get the look you want. If you have a color other than white styrofoam just paint it before you cover it with yarn. That way if you have blank spaces they won't be as obvious. Then glue them together however you choose. I used hot glue.

Step 3: Make your lollipop. Take your ribon and glue all three ends together. Fold the glued end over and glue again. Then just wrap the ribbon around in a circle gluing every couple of turns or so. Be sure you hold the ribbon tight. Glue your popcicle stick to the back, then cut a piece of felt or foam the size of your lollipop and glue it over the popcicle stick on the back of the lollipop to hold it all together. You can add a bow like I did if you want added cuteness. All the pictures I took of this step were blurry beyond repair, but hopefully your cool like me and can figure it out by looking at the picture :)

Step 4:
Glue your snowman to the wood and embellish.
And that's pretty much it. Super cute, super easy, super flexible. That's what I like to see!

(Disclaimer: The laundry and cartoons in the background are not mine, someone broke into my house and left their laundry during saturday morning cartoons. Investigation pending.)

So, did you get any of that or was I just rambling? I really hope I made a little bit of sense because something this adorable shouldn't get passed up by my ignorance :) Have a blast, and please comment of email me if you have any questions! (You can comment me even if you don't have questions also, it would make my day;)
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Tanya said...

How adorable is this little guy. Great job, and so creative =)

Anonymous said...

great craft!well done!marina from greece

Unknown said...

This is darling! I'm loving it! I am featuring it at somedaycrafts.blogspot.com. Grab my "featured" button.

Dave'sWife@{thediaryofdaveswife} said...

HE IS DARLING!!!! Found you via Someday Crafts. Question though, what did you make his nose and hat out of??? ♥ DavesWife

Cammie said...

I LOVE this! Too cute, can't wait to make one myself! I'm with you, my hubby nixed Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving but I've been collecting, crafting, and getting ready so that wonderful Friday after Thanksgiving my house can explode with Christmas goodies! :)

Jen said...

I absolutely LOVE this and can't wait to start making my own. What did you make the hat out of?

Chelsy@ Sweet Pea Kisses said...

Thank you all so much! The hat is actually a empty spool of ribbon (1.5in). I cut the top circle off, and cut about an inch off the circle in the middle to make it smaller then just covered it in black felt. Cardboard or any heavy weight paper would work fine.

The nose and candy pieces are made out of clay. (The kind you bake in the oven, I forget what it's called:) Hope this helps!

Robin said...

This is PRECIOUS! If you have time next Wednesday(and every Wednesday) would you think about coming by my new blog linky: All Things Merry & Brite!? This would be a perfect post to link up! I'd love to see as many of your inspirations as you have time to share! We'll be doing this into January and the linky is open from Wednesdays till Sundays every week!

Wonderful project!
All Things Heart and Home

Spectacular Expo Events said...

OMG!!! This is just too cute!!! I'm going to make a family of them this week for my table. Thanks for posting!!

Esbe Chic said...

Super Duper cute!!!

I had to share with my readers:


Robin said...

Thanks for linking this little guy to All Things Merry & Brite! I bought yarn yesterday...I'm excited to try him!!!
GREAT project!
I hope to see you next week!

Katherine said...

He is just adorable!! Found you at All Things Merry & Brite! Would love for you to link this up to my Holiday Hookup!


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

This is really, really cute! I like the way he turned out. I impose the "no decorating until Thanksgiving is over" rule on myself. I just can't do it, even if I do start that night or Friday after Thanksgiving; and even if they are playing Christmas songs on the radio the whole of Thanksgiving week!

Katie @ This Chick Cooks said...

I love this! Thanks for sharing. I am featuring it at Not Just Decorating. Feel free to grab a featured button if you'd like and have a great day :)

Megan Lee said...

What a cute little guy! Love the tutorial :)

destiny said...

I LOVE this snowman!! I saw him on another blog you linked up to and saved it in my "to do" file!! He'll look great on our snowman mantle!
Thanks for sharing!

Gina said...

This is so stinkin' adorable! I love your snowman...very clever!

Queen Mommy said...

(Hopping over from CG's site) So very cute! I might have to make one of these for my MIL the avid crocheter. :~)

Megan @ Megan Makes Stuff said...

So cute! Thanks.

Gray Cardigan said...

Love it! I am hoping to make it sometime during the year!! Thanks for sharing!

Shanda said...

So cute!!
And those "bad people" who broke in and just left laundry around...they come to my house too!!

Erika said...

this is lovely! thanks for your GREAT tutorial... :)


Unknown said...

Did you sand the block of Wood before you painted it?
Joanne krice74870@aol.com

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