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Hey, it's Chelsy, with a Y! I am a wife to my sweet prince, and mother to one spunky little princess and one handsome little ham of a prince. Painting is my drug of choice. Wine is good too. I'm known to speak without thinking and eat to much chocolate. I love meeting new people, and learning new things. So this is my journey through some not so glorious moments, some not so intelligent thoughts and some possibly crafty ideas.

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010-What a year!

Rhoda over at Southern Hospitality is having a fun top projects of 2010 party. Although I am new to blogging and all the awesome jazz that comes along with it I thought it would be fun to join the par-tay!

I searched through old posts and my Yarn Snowman had the most comments, so I guess you could say that was my top project. However, if you ask me what my top project of the year was, of course I'm going to say this handsome little man!
When I started this blog it was a place for my family and friends to come keep up with us. I never considered turning this into a crafty little outlet to share my projects, until I met a few awesome and totally inspirational ladies, who unknowingly encouraged me to open up a little and share some of my projects. So, bring on 2011! I am planning to have a complete blog makeover and start this new journey with a bang! I really hope  you will come along and follow. I also really hope you will send any POSITIVE advice my way :)

Happy New Year Peeps,


melismama said...

New follower here...found you at the 2010 Year in Review blog that snowman! come on over and say HI

Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

I just have recently found your blog. Your baby is adorable!