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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Old Fashioned Buttermilk Cake

Yum....are you drooling yet? It's okay, I won't tell!

Sorry for the lack of pictures, but this is all that's left! Oh, and see that little sliver there? Yeah, it's about to be in my belly! Jealous?

We had this cake on Easter Sunday, along with Carrot Cake(I posted about it here), a super delicious ham and too much other stuff that was amazingly good and made me way to stuffed! Anyway, while we were at the table enjoying our desserts my husband informed me that "This buttermilk cake is my absolute favorite, it's so good." To which I replied "You say that about everything." But, he is right folks, it's soooo good! It's light and fluffy and the perfect summer treat (or spring if you don't live in Texs and it's not 90 degrees outside:). It's even better if you throw some berries on top. If you weren't drooling before, I bet you are now right? Would you like for me to quit torturing you with how delicious this cake is and give you the recipe already? Alright, here you go:

Old Fashioned Buttermilk Cake (from my mother-in-law):
2c. Sugar
3/4c. Crisco
3 Eggs
2c. Flour
1/2tsp. Baking Soda
1/4 tsp. Salt
1tsp. Baking powder
1tbsp. Vanilla
1tbsp. Almond Extract
1c. Buttermilk*

-Pre-heat oven to 350.

-Grease and flour your bundt pan well.

-Mix the sugar and crisco well, until creamy. Add eggs one at a time and mix well. Add all dry ingredients, mix well. Then add the buttermilk, vanilla, and almond extracts. Mix well, then pour into bundt pan. Bake for 50min-1hr.

*If you don't have buttermilk you can mix 1tsp vinegar with regular milk. Let it sit about 10 min before using.

Easy peasy right?! We top our cake with strawberries, but I know any berry would be equally delicious! Don't fret if you don't have berries, it's super good just by itself. I hope you will try this cake and enjoy it as much as we do!

Happy Tuesday!

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WhoWhatLogos said...

Saw you on The Stories of A to Z...yummy looking cake!

We shared our Personalized Recipe Cards:

crystal said...

Oh My goodness! I just made this cake today. I was perfect with NOTHING on it! I looooove it! Thank you so much for the recipe!