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Hey, it's Chelsy, with a Y! I am a wife to my sweet prince, and mother to one spunky little princess and one handsome little ham of a prince. Painting is my drug of choice. Wine is good too. I'm known to speak without thinking and eat to much chocolate. I love meeting new people, and learning new things. So this is my journey through some not so glorious moments, some not so intelligent thoughts and some possibly crafty ideas.

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Monday, February 1, 2010

{Update on the Little Lady}

There have been lots of exciting things happening in the Phillips household lately. Our Little Lady is becoming a toddler in every aspect of the word! We started potty training after New Year's, it lasted about a week and then she started crying, screaming, and refusing to sit on the potty. I read that when this happens, you should stop, wait a week and try again...which I did and had no success. Does anyone have any potty training advice for me? I know I'm not supposed to try and rush the process, but I am really hoping to not have to buy two sizes of diapers come July!

Other toddler happenings consist of counting, counting, and counting! She counts EVERYTHING from her books, to snacks, to the stains on the carpet! Little Miss can count to eleven, but she skips 8, not sure why, but at this point I'm not really concerned, I just correct her and let her go on her way. Maybe after she's two we will work on it more. She can say her ABC's most of the way through, doesn't sing them, says them. She also recognizes most letters and can point them out when you ask. We are working on sounds and so far the only ones she knows are "O", "T", and "Z".  Little Miss also knows almost all of her shapes. She can draw a circle and square when asked, and can point out a triangle, rectangle, star, crescent, hexagon, heart, octagon, and oval.

Showing you her teeth!
Miss T is also a talking fool! She love talking on her calculator phone, and had a pretty extensive language. It's amazing! She is learning her manners, and says "Excuse me" when she burps. "Peease" and "Thank Jou", She says "Yes Sir" no matter who she's talking to, apparently we need to work on the "Ma'am" part! She also calls people by their names, i.e. she calls me "Chelsy" and not Mommy. This goes for Daddy and Grandma and Grandpa too! On a not-so-happy note, she has started talking back. When I ask her to do something, she tells me "NO", I'm not sure if this is a normal thing or if our child is preparing us for her teen years early. She is very independent and quite stubborn so if she decides she doesn't want to do something there is no way around it!

In case you can't tell, we are quite proud of our little girl, and love showing off all of her tricks! I'm curious to see how much things change with a new baby in the house. And new babies in the family- apparently there is something in the water down here in Texas, because we have 8 new babies (including ours) making their big debut this summer. I've started crocheting blankets, and hopefully I will get some burpies, and cloth blocks sewn up before I run out of time! Maybe I can make a nice little tutorial for the blankets I'm making- we'll see!

Happy Monday,

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